11 December 2011

Not Just a Place for Happy Tummies: Another Soderno Weekend

I am inlove with Soderno. Primarily because it is so near and I have issues with long distance relationships. Okay, that last line was a lie, because my motto is "will travel for food." (You can make me COMMUTE all the way from Laguna to Taguig just for dinner!) But proximity is a definite plus which brings me back to: I'm in love with Soderno!

Dropped by Soderno Friday night just to see how it looked:

Welcome to Soderno. Night time edition. :P

It was considerably more crowded than the daytime market but there was enough room to walk around without bumping elbows with strangers. (This was at 9PM though, my friend D went there for Manang's chicken at around 11PM and according to him the place was packed.) It was a little smoky in the al fresco dining area but the people didn't seem to mind. We didn't buy food because we were on our way to a dinner/ christmas party, but on our way out we saw this:

If I were Holly Golightly, I wouldn't have gone to a Tiffany's.
I would have gone to an ice cream store. :P

Mio Gelati! It was my UTT favorite and they were offering free tastes of their gelato. The Tequila Rose- flavored gelato tasted so good that I had to order a scoop. I HAD TO. Hello, my name is Alikoy, and I have a very low EQ. Hehehe. The price is a bit steep at 120php per scoop (apparently alcoholic flavors are more expensive), but it's really really yummy, and the serving is quite hefty.

Saturday morning, I went back for brunch with Miki, Dzhot, and her brother Josh. Yay there are seats again. Hahaha.

Last week, Sandwich Boulevard's Bacon and Cream Sandwich blew me away. This time I tried their All Meat Sandwich which had two slices of french toast and a generous heap (yes I say HEAP without exaggeration) of ham, bacon, and pepperoni, topped with maple syrup. It's like pancakes and bacon, with superpowers!

SanBo. All Meat Sandwich, 100php.
Very unassuming on the outside.

Packed with meaty goodness inside! :)

Miki ordered the Shrimp and Aligue Capellini (learning for the day: capellini = angel hair pasta) from Bliss.

Bliss. Shrimp and Aligue Capellini, 120php.

I also ordered an eggplant lasagna from Bliss, which I eventually gave to Josh. I would have preferred it with more cheese, like the eggplant mozzarella they serve at The Oarhouse Pub, but he liked it. :)

Bliss. Eggplant Lasagna, 120php.

Dzhot arrived at the table with this slab of meat. I don't know from which stall and I don't know what it's called so if you recognize this please let me know in the comments. I wasn't able to try it, but she seemed happy.

Slab of Meat with Rice. Hehehe. 155php.

After lunch, we stopped by Theo and Philo to try/ buy more chocolates. Haay I still can't get over how yummy and pretty they are. And in a ditz moment of the day, I blurted out, I'm also getting this one (pointing to the milk chocolate with pili nut and pinipig), because it has horses. What a way to show people how maturely I make my decisions.

Theo and Philo Chocolates. I got two of the milk chocolate with
toffee because there were only two left and I panicked hahaha.
Oh and because they're yummy. And polka dots are cute. :D

But wait there's more! Because Soderno is a lifestyle market, it's not all food. There are also stalls selling clothes, shoes, accessories and other knick-knacks. I was trying to avoid the SuperSale Bazaar because I didn't want to spend anymore but The C Shop was just across Theo and Philo, and we were hypnotized by their pretty tops and dresses and cute accessories! In the end all three of us girls went home with something. Hahaha. Our wallets didn't suffer much though, because the clothes and accessories are very affordable, and haggling is allowed! :D

Loved this. 300 bucks! :P

Adorable Teacup and Teapot Earrings. Got them for 50php.

Yup, Soderno's not just a place for happy tummies. If you live in the south and you haven't visited it yet, well, you should. ;)

For more yummy food finds in Soderno, read last week's blog entry or visit Soderno's Facebook page.


  1. The earrings are really pretty :D I love quirky accessories!

  2. Thank you! :) I wasn't even actively looking at the accessories but when I saw this pair I immediately wanted them. :D

  3. Na-a-attract ako sa wrappers ng Theo and Philo! Purrrty wrappers!

  4. Sa totoo lang, yan lang talaga yung dahilan why we went to Soderno the first time. :))


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