18 December 2011

Oarhouse Christmas

I seriously missed this place. This was my go-to place during internship for comfort food, cocktails, a place for catching up or celebrating, for everything! I have quite a number of good memories in this place, and one of the things I miss most about living in Malate is having The Oarhouse Pub just a few minutes away.

My internship block still had some money left from our third place win in the research forum, so we decided to have dinner and drinks before some of my blockmates started residency. I wasn't able to make it to the dinner, because my travel time from Los Banos was a whopping four hours! Holiday traffic is terrible!

My usual order: the spaghetti! Their spaghetti with meatballs (or in this case, ground beef) is one of my favorite spaghettis in this life. Simple fare, but really delicious. Very homey. :)

My community rotation housemates. ♥
Mango Daiquiri - 300php per pitcher; Margarita - 250php per pitcher

Half our block. :)
We're the awesomest community block. Hahaha. Self proclaimed.

And surprise! Sir Ben (who owns Oarhouse) served us a plate of Blue Castello Cheese and crackers. Aaah, delicious. This place never fails to delight. :)

Good food + amazing people + my happy place in Manila = totally worth the four hours on the bus and the hunger pangs and the butt pain. Hahaha. I discovered a picture taken around the same time last year, and I agree with M, this should be a yearly thing too.

The Oarhouse Pub is located along J. Bocobo Street (cor Malvar St.), Malate, Manila. :)

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