28 January 2012

Impulse Control

My friends know that I have problems with impulse control, especially when it comes to two things: shopping, and reading. Oh okay, three things -- eating too.

I struggle the most when it comes to book shopping and reading. When I see an interesting book, I'll  feel an irresistible urge to buy it; when I buy a book, I'll feel an uncontrollable desire to read it, and when I start reading a book I need to finish it and cannot stop.

The past months, I have consciously avoided going into book stores and buying books because I know I should be studying for the biggest (and longest) exam of my life. But whenever I see a book store, especially a book thriftstore, I am drawn in and I am powerless to resist. For the most part I still can't stop myself from buying books, but so far I have been very good about not reading them. Yay, trust me, it isn't easy!

Today I faced another challenge. While walking along Padre Faura I saw a guy hawking novels on the sidewalk. Oh wow. Haruki Murakami. Chuck Palahniuk. Kazuo Ishiguro. David Sedaris. Looked good as new and for less than two hundred bucks each. I immediately opened my bag to take out my wallet, but the little voice inside my head started muttering things I knew to be true:
  1. If you buy any of those books, you WILL NOT be able to resist taking a peek.
  2. When you take a peek, you WILL NOT be able to put it down.
  3. If you finish one novel, you will start thinking, "oh wow how i missed reading!" and you WILL pick up another book, saying you read fast anyway and it will take you 3 hours max.
  4. Once you get on a roll, you WILL NOT be able to stop and you will end up reading all those 20-ish novels stacked on your desk and you will not be able to study and you will faillllll.
Ooh scary conscience. Good job.

I walked away from cheap Murakamis, which, at any other moment in my life would be unforgivable, but for today I think gets me a clap in the back. :D

I just hope I'll see Mister-Sidewalk-Novel-Hawker again. Next time, ubos paninda nya.


  1. There are also guys selling books along Lawton. I bought a hardcover Palahniuk for Php350. Good for you, having the self-control to not buy cheap books :D

    1. Haha now lang yan. Once the boards are over, I swear I'll spend my first paycheck on cheap novels :P


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