23 January 2012

Sweeping the Cobwebs Away

It has been twenty days since my last blog post. If my blog had a ceiling it would have cobwebs.

Those twenty days in a nutshell: I fried my laptop charger (fixed now), finished several board review books, quit Facebook, and got obsessed with Survivor Philippines and Hell's Kitchen. Plus I think I have stress gastritis from all this boards-induced anxiety. :\

The one good thing that came out of this non-blogging was that I managed to pick up a pen and write in a journal. Yes, DEAR DIARY hahaha!

It actually felt good to write stuff down, uncensored and unfettered! (I've wanted to use that word for ages yay. :P) I promised to keep this blog positive, insightful and rant-free, and I intend to keep it, but sometimes I think it's a pity because I am really eloquent in expressing distaste and annoyance. Now my talent won't have to go to waste. Hahaha.

Anyway, just wanted to break the silence and say hello. I have to go back to studying because I've wasted too much time on Picnik today. :D


  1. Kiki! Just getting my dose of monthly blog-hopping :) You quit Facebook na? I want to quit na rin, it's too... crowded. But I'm too much of a sissy to do it hehehe. Good luck with the studying! Miss you!

    1. Yup, I think two weeks ago. I don't miss it much, except it's the easiest way to communicate with most people parin. Baka I'll make a new account nalang na very select contacts lang hehehe

  2. "I am really eloquent in expressing distaste and annoyance." I don't mind if your blog had this. People like you are few and far between. :)

    I've been checking your blog and I gotta be honest, I thought you stopped because you were way too busy to maintain it and it made me sad. Glad you're back! :)


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