28 February 2012

Johnny Steams Yankee Burger

Last Friday, my friend D drove us to Mercato because my friends are awesome and have made it their mission to keep me distracted from the boards and to keep my tummy food-filled and butterfly-free.

I think I just found my favorite burger.

Johnny Steams Yankee Burger

I found Johnny Steams a few months ago, and I was hooked when I tried their Chili Cheese Burger. Super yummy!!!

Around three weeks back I was so depressed when I thought they were no longer at Midnight Mercato. Turns out I just didn't see them because they didn't have their huge tarp. Hehehe.

Tried the highly recommended Yankee Burger this time, and my first impression was: Maaaan, this burger is weird. It smelled like a peanut butter sandwich. It had bacon. And there was cheese and peanut butter dripping down the sides, making the burger look like a breakfast experiment gone horribly wrong. I was scared to take a bite, but wow, when I did, I was amazed at how well everything went together. Nyamnyamnyam. CHOMP!

I'm calling it the Ironic Burger. Beef patty cooked right + everything else that can give you a heart attack! :P


  1. have you tried johnny steams truffled fries? I love their burger as well!

    1. Not yet! Are the fries really good? Will try it next time! :)

  2. yup the fries are TDF! :D find John. talk to him and give him a little smile. he might throw in something free with your order :p and say you know Lovely :))


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