14 February 2012

Tea Leaf Reading

Last week I ordered the bottled TAZO Mango Iced Tea at Starbucks, and underneath the cap:

Being curious as a kitty cat, I did go to tazo.com and check my tea leaf reading. Hahaha. Yes, mostly because it reminded me of Professor Trelawney and Divination class. I wanted to see how wild the predictions could go. 

Disappointingly, the predictions were kinda tame. The tea leaf reader did recite his "interpretations" in gibberish, so at least that entertained me for a while.

Tazo Tea Leaf Reading #1:
"You are about to trip.
I mean, take a trip."

I am about to take a trip. Alone. And I am excited about it. :P

Tazo Tea Leaf Reading #2:
"Next March 17th you will pretend to be Irish."
 We'll see about that, shall we? 

And finally,

Tazo Tea Leaf Reading # 3:
"Someone is planning a party. Act surprised."

HAHAHA. I am not actually believing this stuff, but If someone's planning a party for me, hold off til I pass the boards, 'kay? Don't worry I'm good at acting surprised. :)))

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