12 February 2012


I got my first Android phone last Wednesday. Haha it's a Samsung Galaxy Y but I really can't complain because I just got it from SUN loyalty rewards for my two year old plan 350.
Hrhrhr. :-)

My only real gripe is the camera, it's atrocious! Haha, my phone photos are in my Lightbox Page and they've been heavily edited with pixlr-o-matic and the lightbox app to make them halfway decent.

Anyway since i'm in CDO right now without my laptop (because of my delusions that I can study on vacation), I'm blogging with Bloggeroid which is the lightest Blogger app compatible with my phone. If this works, I'll be blogging more from my phone because Swype is actually easier than typing on my laptop. There was a steep learning curve but now I think it is the bomb! It just has a problem with my imbento words and extra vowels when i'm excited. Lol.

See? I think I just got carried away with my test post. ;-)

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