12 March 2012

It's Beginning to (Feel) a Lot Like Christmas

I know, I know, it's summer, it's humid, how can I possibly feel Christmas-y? And the answer is.... I am in the North Pole. BRRRRRR!!! Hahaha.

Seriously though, I have been receiving so many cool gifts that it seems like Christmas came in March! I just came home from a (semi) free 5-day trip to Boracay last Friday, and today I got a couple of good stuff from different people. All I need is Charlie Brown's Christmas Album and some queso de bola!

A York University Shirt + Bag
So I can pretend I've actually been someplace outside the Philippines. 

A Photo of Some Canadian Dude

Havaianas keychain
Because my sister knows how much I love my tsinelas and how much
I'll miss them when I start having to dress up for work.

Avon Pink Hearts Manicure Set

Have you seen anything as kikay as this? Hahaha.

Adidas Fruity Rhythm for Women
I usually feel meh about getting toiletries as gifts but these smell really nice.
And the body wash is perfect for bringing to summer trips.
Aprub. :P 

Another awesome gift I received is my own domain! Wheeeee. From now on I'll be blogging on ALIKOY.ME, my first URL that is self-explanatory! Lol. 

If you find that my first post there bears an uncanny similarity to this post... you are correct. Hehe. Zarry. :D

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