02 April 2010

Exercises in Futility

Today is day 2 of blogging to curb FB addiction. Deng this must be how it feels to chew gum when what you really want to do is smoke a cig. And it's like going to Ministop (was gonna say sarisari store but haha cmon) to buy gum and seeing all those Marlboros lined up behind the counter! Having to go online to update this blog makes controlling my FB urges almost impossible. JUST. ONE. CLICK. AWAY! AAAACK! I am so deleting my facebook bookmark!

Speaking of ministop.. it's my new Jollibee. I find myself walking out of the house in my pambahay to go to ministop to buy fried chicken. Or their Hot Chix (a wimpy cross of chicken nuggets and hotshots but is really yummy and is every gluttons dream at just 42 smackeroos!) which is what I had for dinner the other day, lunch yesterday and possibly what i will have for lunch and dinner tomorrow. For dinner last night I actually made an effort to go to Yellow Cab at UN Av for some Charlie Chan. Yum. And today I'm scavenging my friend TRK's condo for food to escape the horrors of tuna siopao which seem to be the extent of a convenience store's lenten menu (bleeech!). TRK's condo has to be the best place on earth five minutes after I stepped in I had already devoured 5 squares of Lindt and 2 chocolate covered coffee beans. For lunch there's salmon, which in tunay na rich kid fashion he said was "just 380 pesos a kilo, mura lang" after which my wallet promptly fainted in embarassment, and right now I've just finished a mini bar of snickers and am eyeing a box of mac and cheese sitting on his cupboard for breakfast. So my food supply is secure for the day and tomorrow I go back to eating hotchix. Goodness I hafta stop eatinnnnggg but I'm trying to accomplish my goals one at a time so I'll do that one after this FB thing is resolved which is possibly never.
Well at least my hotchix are 42 bucks a pop! I remember my first two years of medschool I was so addicted to starbucks I was perenially bankrupt. Let's not even think of all the pounds I gained over green tea frappes which didn't even help me stay awake. But heey come to think of it a week's worth of starbucks is just a day of lazertag including cabfares and dinner. I know it i'm spending wayyy too much what will i do without mess hall gawd who knew brown sauce was manna from heaven. I need a hobby that's cheap, like i dunno, knitting, but I've gone through that phase already!

Yesterday was devoted to Rehab paper making (yes may ganon) and to studying Ophtha, which didn't go very well, to say the least. I started with Chapter 1 - Anatomy of the Eye and ended in you guessed it! Chapter 1 - Anatomy of the Eye. Possibly one of the most difficult challenges in my life next only to this quitting facebook thing and cutting down on carbs is studying anything anatomy. It requires lots of memorization which I'm actually quite good at but i dunno, there are just too many things to know that the prospect alone sends my neurons into a perpetual state of vomit.  It's just like that one time we went to YakiMix and we were so excited our group of 6 ended up getting food enough to feed 30 people and still make them really fat! Eating's prolly our one true talent but seeing that much food on the table knowing we had to eat them all with no leftovers sent my stomach churning so badly that halfway through all i could think of was vomit: Tempura! Vomit! Maki! Vomit! Dessert! Vomit! Dammit! So ya, that's the feeling I got studying first year anatomy so yesterday when I opened my book it had no sense of familiarity at all. I was so proud when i finally learned the layers of the retina after 4 years of knowing just the photoreceptor layer and the RPE. Har. Nerd.

So as I was saying TRK's house is the best place on earth to crash. Today I'm gonna force him to let me play guitar heroes and though he, like a true friend, will insist I study first, I will get my way nyaha. Cos ya know I'm very forceful charming. So this house is perfect except for gasp! NO INTERNETZ dammyou smart bro! I'm typing this on notepad for distraction cos im thisclose to BRP! BFFFB's right -- this is a disease. Yep! So now I'm goin home for a while because I have this urgent need to go online get my highlighters!

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