29 May 2010


When you make a profession out of hospital yaya-ship, the end of every rotation is a reason to celebrate. No matter how much you like it, or how much you say you're gonna miss it, the end is always an accomplishment. A reason to tell yourself, 'Congratulations for surviving, now that wasn't so bad, eh?' or 'Ohmygodthankyousomuchit'soveriamsohappppyyyyyyy!' And you move on to the next thing, wanting never to look back either because the experience was atrocious, or because it's was so good and the present so horrible it makes you feel depressed. But of course, the masochists we all are deep inside, we can't help but do post-mortem evaluations, and talk endlessly about our past achievements and booboos and either do a nostalgic "aww" in chorus or roll eyes (or smirk, for those who aren't gifted with very mobile EOMs) simultaneously, talking about previous experiences. And then we get these red and white forms filled with circles and suddenly you find the whole experience hard to evaluate! I know it makes it easier to collate and all but evaluating in dots is not easy! And they usually give it with the exams so when you get to it you're itching to get out of your seat and out of the room. Haay. But now I'm wishing that when I was in second year and still had these lectures alldayeveryday I had taken advantage of the comment portion to say something witty like this fourth-grader:

Yaaaawnnn. Feels weird to be home at this hour and not tired at all. And there's nothing on the internetZZZ! The matrix is dead, Facebook is boring. Even my GoogleReader is sad. What to do what to do what to do! 

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