26 May 2010


I seem to have traded vanity for gluttony as my favorite sin since the start of Pedia. I swear when I leave the wards I am going on a hunger strike forrealz because having to wear a coat = having to wear clothes which actually show how fat you are. No more McDo breakfasts (Sausage and Egg McMuffin now with hashbrowns FTW!), KFC Fully Loaded Meals and Greenwich Bigtime Lunches for meeeee. And no more breakfastival! Sheeshkebab this blog is such a MISTAKE i'm getting hungrier by the second.

Anyway speaking of KFC's Fully Loaded Meal (which comes with chicken, rice, siding, mushroom soup, brownie and drink for less than 150 bucks sulit), last Sunday I had this really smart conversation with the person behind the cash register.

One piece fully loaded meal, regular Mountain Dew.
"Ma'am with mushroom soup po?"
Ha? Meron bang walang mushroom soup?
"Ay ma'am sorry po, hindi pwede, kasama po kasi talaga sa meal."

Smart. Really smart.

Anyway I have to end this now. The McDelivery person is heeeere!


  1. Anonymous10:32 PM

    i'm on a diet. starvation to maintain pH>6.9

  2. aren't we all. i hope you're successful cos I am NOTTTT.


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