18 September 2011

A Place for Happy Tummies Part II: Midnight Mercato

We forgot to buy MedChef cakes to take home during our Banchetto trip, which led to cries of "We have to go back!" (We're dramatic when we're hungry.) But instead of going back to Banchetto in Forum (which we found had rather limited choices for a food fair), we decided to go to Midnight Mercato instead. 

I wasn't sure they had granada (our favorite Banchetto food find) at Mercato so before leaving, I dropped by Chicken Charlie to have these

Cheesestick Not So Dynamite, but good enough. :)

When we got to Mercato, the first things we checked out were the desserts. Hehe.


The name was tempting. But the cake didn't look very yummy so we skipped it.
JUDGY! Haha. I'll try it next time.

The reason for our visit! They didn't have the Pandan-White Chocolate cake
that Chef Hasset Go recommended though. :(

After deciding that yes, we're sticking with MedChef for desserts and after Danlen told the girl at Empire (the stall selling macarons) na their merchandise was not "sulit" hahaha, we went around all the food stalls looking for food that struck our fancy.

I like Kebabs haha but I already had that in Banchetto, and these sticks looked
pretty anemic to me.

Paella Negra. The stall also had Wagyu Paella which was delicious,
according to our friends. 

But this is what caught Kevin's attention.

Krispy Kreme Burgers and Cheese Logs at Offbeat. 

These burgers are TO DIE FOR. =)
Glazed donut + burger patty + cheese + bacon + egg
= all the ingredients for a heart attack. Haha.

Char-grilled burgers at Big Bob's. The flaming grills
were a sight to behold. :)

I think this was at the stall selling Pan-de-Bagnet. This slab of meat looked
deadly, too.  But the sandwiches were yummy according to
Kathy and Joan. :)

Taclings. Small but terrible (in a nice way)!

I don't know where Mac and Rom bought these
cheese stuffed tomatoes but they were nomnom. :)

In the end though, I decided to stick with my original plan to try Guactruck's burrito bowls, which I read about at OurAwesomePlanet

Their cool and fancy looking truck. 

She's making our burrito bowls! Hehe!

Our food came in these cute origami boxes which
open like that. 

The packaging was smart, eco-friendly and pretty! These boxes can also be returned to them for recycling. and you get a free meal after the 10th box! I would have appreciated having a spoon and fork though, because eating with the spork was inconvenient and a little difficult, and because I dislike the idea of a spork. Haha. But it made for less waste so sige na nga, my small sacrifice for the environment. The food was a little pricey, P150 for a bowl (P155 if you choose beef instead of pork or chicken) but it was delishus. After about five spoonfuls, we went looking for drinks and I came back to an empty bowl haha thanks friends!

I was such a fan I even had this picture taken hahaha

Our jologs fangirl pic with their very cool truck.

Speaking of drinks, there was a drink station which offered the usual softdrinks and bottled water, and multiple stalls offering fruit shakes. Y THERE NO MILKTEA IN THE HAUZ? With the milktea craze you'd think there would be a couple or even just one stall selling that. Or maybe I just didn't see it because the place was seriously packed.

We decided to get drinks from a stall selling fruit shakes and iced teas. Kevin's ripe mango shake tasted unripe, my avocado shake was good but I wished I had bought something lighter. Maita's lemon iced tea tasted well, like lemon iced teas are supposed to taste. Danlen's lemongrass tea tasted like salabat. Haha. No one was a fan, not even when he was offering it to everyone for FREE.

Battle of the Iced Teas.
Lemon vs Lemongrass vs Pandan.

When time for dessert came, we knew where to go. And our choice was affirmed by a lot of other people!

The line at the MedChef stall was long. Intense!

Smores cake, 59php. Really moist and chocolatey. Win.

The real winner: creamcheese brownies.
3 for 100php. Delightful.

I had the red velvet cake which we weren't able to try last time, and I was a bit disappointed. It was dry and salty. :| But I also bought the Moist Chocolate Cake and the Best Ever Banana Cake for pasalubong and my siblings were all over it. I'll stick with that for next time unless the elusive Pandan-White Chocolate-Mango cake shows up. 

More food pictures because we ate a lot.

Happy with their Mochiko (70php each)

Cheese Logs -- because you can't call them sticks.
They were huge!  6 logs for 130php.

There was Granada after all! But they were expensive, four sticks for 50php.

Snow Cones.

Of course some of my friends had Manang's Chicken, but I've tried that before and I found their chicken wet on the outside but dry inside, which is the opposite of what I want in my fried chicken. So I'm sticking with Chicken Bonchon and Chicken Charlie thankyouverymuch.

What I liked: There were more food choices and the place was cleaner and more organized compared to Banchetto. It also offered a lot of food you can't just find at the corner of your neighborhood or the mall food court.
What I didn't like: A lot of the food was overpriced. And I'm telling you, I'm not kuripot when it comes to food. (Haha or maybe that was it. Nasurprise nalang ako when I looked at my wallet at instant 500 pesos gone in 1 hour)
Budget: P200 - P500. More if you're the type na takaw-tingin. Money flies here, but it's worth it for the occasional foodie-night with friends. 

Food makes us happy. =)

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