22 November 2011

Random Phone Photos

I like taking photos of things that make me happy. :D

D' Cream Taro Milk Tea with Egg Pudding
Discovered this last June after a board review class. Derishuzz and surprisingly cheap. The large sized beverage is 45php (either original or flavored)and each add-on (pearls, coconut jelly or pudding) is only 10php. When I was in Manila last week I had to get a cup. Yummy. :) I always get the Assam Original with Taro, but it was my first time to add pudding. It was okay but I prefer the nata de coco. 

Shoebox & Me Flats
Accompanied two of my friends to the mall to look for comfy shoes for residency, and I was the one who actually went home with a pair. Haha. I love Shoebox + Me flats because their shoes are so comfortable even when I walk around in them all day. They're cheap too, this pair was 649php! Plus they have a lot of colors and carry half sizes which is great because I'm a frikkin 7 AND A HALF.

For some reason I like mustard-colored footwear. I used to have mustard-colored sandals and I wore them until they gave up on me.

Phi Lambda Delta 2012 Planner
It's so pretty and the paper is so smooth! :) I'm halfway towards getting my first Starbucks planner too, and I want a Belle du Jour planner for the coupons so IDK which one I'm actually going to use! I'm thinking of turning one planner into a daily journal because I perpetually have disjoint ideas swimming in my head. Maybe they'll make more sense written down.

Look it even has my name on it. :D

It has a bookmark too. :)

Chef Tony's Popcorn in Dark Chocolate and Honey Roasted Almonds
The yummiest (and most expensive) of my study munchies.

Yummy Magazine
This came free with our UTT 7.0 loot bag and I've been perusing it for the last few days. I always think about getting subscriptions to food magazines but never actually do it because the stingy part of me keeps thinking about how recipes are so freely available in the internetz. :/

Again, random phone photos, so pictures are crappier than usual. Zarrry. But not really hahaha. 

D' Cream Coffee and Tea is located along Guerrero Street (cor Pedro Gil Street), Malate Manila.
Shoebox & Me has outlets in Robinsons Place Manila (2F Orosa Atrium), Trinoma, and Glorietta

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