09 November 2011

Small Victories

  1. Sleeping pattern back to normal. I get sleepy around midnight and wake up at 7! Exhaustion is the solution to insomnia pala hehehe. Last night I was woken up by a dream at 4AM though. Pft. 
  2. Steady progress studying. I think it's the expensive coffee effect kicking in. HAHAHA.
  3. My planner-i-do-not-actually-want progress, 2/17
  4. In the self-control department, I can actually pass by the mall without buying anything now. YES. I can say no to clothes, books and food. Achievement! And, savingggs! (The coffees don't count, they're subsidized by the parents because they're for studying. Hahaha.)
  5. My pants fit again. (They no longer did a few months after graduation. Which is why I've been wearing shorts and dresses only for the past few months LOL.)
  6. Managed to reserve tickets for the Ultimate Taste Test 7.0 for myself and my friends yahoo patay gutom mode!
  7. I apparently have excellent form and graceful moves in zumba. Yehes. Thank you Phi (my med sorority) for teaching me how to dance hahaha!
Lists are the laziest. And this list looks like it's written by a crazy person haha. I'm really tired tonight! Mentally and physically! 

But I'm the happy kind of tired. These small victories are  the things that keep me going. :)

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