12 November 2011

My Birthday/ Christmas Wishlist

Read Suyen's wishlist this morning and I was compelled to come up with my own. Hehe.

I'm really very easy to please haha give me chocolates and I'll be happy; give me a 75-peso book from Booksale or anything Star Wars and I'll be ecstatic!

But these are the top five things I would like to get for my birthday and for Christmas. If you give me any of them I will be OVER THE MOON and I will love you forever and ever. 

1. A Carlos Celdran tour of Intramuros or his Imelda Tour.

Done thanks to a barter tour! See my review.



I have long wanted to go on these tours because I really like Philippine history. Kaya lang when I was in med school I couldn't find time, and now I can't seem to find the money. I'm in post-grad limbo when I can no longer avail student discounts whilst stuck on a student budget. So please. If there is only one thing on this list I can get, I would choose this one. :D

2. Any book from this list.

Except for the Pratchett book because I already have that one!

3A short culinary course. 

Preferrably for desserts. Or a cake decorating course! Because, in my dream life, I am a Stepford wife. I promise to feed you after. Hahaha.

4. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus or the ASUS EeePC Transformer Prime

 (Hello parents, I'd be happy if you even just agree to pay half!)

I still can't figure out which one I like better. The Transformer Prime sounds really awesome, and I am a big ASUS fan. I have always wanted a 7-inch tablet though because the size is great for reading e-books. Priorities.

5. A Swatch New Gent

Because I'm really a one watch type of person. I like all the colors, but my favorites are Sea Rebel, Rose Rebel and Turquoise Rebel. 

This list took me too long to complete! At some point I contemplated whittling my list to three. Hahaha. And yes, this list is arranged in order. Someone please give me that tour already!!!


  1. Great list! I also want to get 1Q84. I heard it's really good. I should make my own new-book-wishlist, too.

    You gave me a great idea on the culinary course, though. I'm a baker but I can't cook. :p

  2. I should probably learn to cook something other than pasta too, but I really don't have the patience to stand in front of a stove. Haha. So I will try to perfect the art of dessert-making first. ;P

  3. Sounds good! :)

    My problem with cooking is I get sick of the food in the process of making it so I end up not eating it. Haha.

  4. I like the pink watch! I need more watches, I only have two :(

  5. The watches are so pretty noh? :) Nagpaparinig ako sa mom ko everytime we pass by a swatch booth. Haha. I only have one watch haha and it has so many scratches ginagamit kasi pang-monitor sa ospital. :))


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