12 November 2011


Banchetto's lantern event got cancelled, but we still celebrated 11-11-11. I know it's just a date, but you have to take every opportunity to celebrate! :)

After picking-up my friend Rom from UP Diliman, failing to get isaw (chicken/ pig intestines) and settling for fishballs and kikiam instead, we headed to Tomas Morato for more comfort food.

I ♥ Nomnomnom Happy Food!

I love their fried ravioli and the V.S.T. (Very Succulent Tomatoes) which are tomatoes stuffed with kangkong (their favorite vegetable apparently hahaha), mushrooms, mozarella and blue cheese served on balsamic vinegar with bread. NOMNOMNOM!

Fried Ravioli with kangkong, mushroom and cheese served with
salsa and sour cream. 

V.S.T. = Very Succulent Tomatoes

A new favorite: the "Malinomnom" pizza log which was topped with salted egg, tinapa (smoked fish), tomatoes and onions. Unique, delicious, filling and cheap. :D

Malinomnom Pizza Log

I have wanted to take pictures of the place since my first visit because the place is really so cute and cozy! So please bear with my feeling-artsy photos. Hahaha.

The shadows are pretty!

Tried out the "sunset mode" of my camera. Hahaha looks like hell!
Maybe the red tones make sunset photos more vibrant.

After dinner, we went to Dezato Cafe which was a few minutes walk away for some dessert mochi. It was my first time there and wow it was so HIDDEN. Nomnomnom and Dezato are two places you will NEVER find unless you know where they are. 

Mochi on display

They have cakes too.

Anjo's comment: "this is a very expensive hole in the wall."

Bite sized mochi were sold at 220php for a dozen (which you can eat in 5 minutes) and the green tea cheese cake was 195php per slice!

The green tea cheesecake was not matcha enough for me. And the white things at the top (were those mochi balls?!) were very weird.

Molested green tea cheesecake with mothballs, er, I mean
mochi balls on top. Hehehe.

The mochi ice cream balls were yummy and worth the price though. They're sold for 40 bucks a pop, or 220 bucks for 6 ice cream balls. We bought a dozen in assorted flavors so we could try them all. I liked the strawberry and green tea flavors best. 

Had a nice night even though our original plans fell apart at the seams. I love how spontaneous and kaladkarin my friends are. :)

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