10 November 2011

Starbucks Smores and Other Failures

My friend R told me to be careful of calories now that I'm always at Starbucks again. So today I decided to get iced tea instead of the peppermint mocha which is essentially one shot of espresso plus milk and sugar and whipped cream. Hehehe.

But the line was long so I found myself standing a long time in front of the pastry display. 

For some reason I came to the conclusion that I was entitled to a pastry since the tea was only 95 bucks (versus a grande mocha which was 165 pesos). So I got their smores which looked more like a tart than well, smores, because I am a girl and the gold stars got to me. Darn you hormones! Hehehe. Total bill: 165!

It was only when I got to my table that I realized my reason for not getting a mocha was not really the price but the calories HAHAHA and now I have a pastry greaaaaat.

Apparently, gold stars are the key to my heart. Maybe I didn't get
enough gold stars when I was in kindergarten hahaha.

These two cost just as much as a grande red cup! I tell ya the
red cup beverages are gold!

I still say it was a TART not smores. It wasn't even that good too. Nakakaumay. (How do you say that in english?) I'd only buy that again if there were four or five of us sharing, because I can only handle one bite. :/

Anyway, operation expensive coffee was a failure today (maybe because I didn't actually buy coffee LOL). I had to leave early due to um, bathroom needs. Hahaha. And my laptop is back from repair (the hinge broke) so I don't know how I'm supposed to study now. I can't stop rewatching Hart of Dixie episodes because Rachel Bilson is a sweetheart even if she dresses all wrong for a medical practice and Wilson Bethel as a hot hot hot bad boy with a sensitive streak is irresistible. :D

Sorry if I'm blogging about Starbucks and TV shows again, there is simply nothing else going on in my life right now. What a sad sad life hahaha. Tomorrow I'll be in Banchetto for that thing with the lanterns maybe something interesting will happen then. Like I make a wish "please give me a hot guy" and then a hot guy actually comes up to me to say hello! HAHAHA, I really feel ditzy at the moment I am so sorreh.


  1. I've never had smores at Starbucks. Panong nakakaumay? Masyadong matamis? I love sweet food kaya baka magustuhan ko yan :p

  2. I think there was too much pastry and not enough chocolate and mallows. Hehehe. It might pair well with brewed coffee though. :)

  3. Anonymous1:40 PM

    I'm sorry but I found the Starbucks Smores to be pretty awesome, siguro kasi nakikagat lang ako sa friend ko. Mas masarap yung cookie dough chenes I forgot what it's called nila. And since I'm back-reading, phail yung sa Banchetto sinira 11-11-11 plans namin.

  4. Possibly. Or pwede ring nasa expectations lang yan. :D I was expecting oozing chocolate and mallows kasi. Hehehe. Is that the cake? Di ko din maalala yung name, pero super sarap! :D

    HAHAHA Oh, Banchetto. Buti nalang talaga we picked up a friend muna from Diliman at nabasa nya yung cancellation notice.


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