15 December 2011

Photoblog: The Board Review Chronicles

Because nothing interesting is happening in my life right now, and my brain is too exhausted to come up with anything creative, witty, funny or touching. All I can manage is sarcasm and that has no place in this blog, because I once swore that this would remain a place exclusively for rainbows and unicorns and other glittery sh..things. Lol.

My favorite pen right now. Because it writes well, and just seeing
 "Phi Lambda Delta" on my pen makes me feel warm inside. :)

Yesterday's dinner. Turkey and Chicken with Apple Stuffing on
Whole Wheat and Walnut.
Not so good.

I was in such a rush to leave the house that I forgot my First Aid!
Say hello to my emergency Booksale purchase, 250php. :P

Trips to the bookstore always make me feel better. :)
Almost bought more highlighters and post-its but I already have
a buttload of those and I really don't use them anymore. I also have
too many pens and a new box of Mongol #2s. Hence, an eraser.

Iced Green Tea Latte because I needed a morale boost.
 Matcha is love. ♥

Totally unrelated to my studying "adventures"
but these were really pretty. :)

Aah neurons please don't die just yet. Stay with me until February!!! Also please allow me to write in coherent paragraphs soon because I still have to do that magazine article about the health benefits of {guess what activity} hahaha! 

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