05 February 2012

Army Navy Taco Tuesdays

I know where I'm eating this Tuesday: at Army Navy! :)

I fell in love with Army Navy the first time I ate there (in Tagaytay, wassup hahaha)-- loved their burgers and their Freedom Fries and their Libertea! I also liked it that I could have a huge heap of jalapeno peppers added to my burger for only 15 bucks. :D The only downside is that Army Navy food is generally pricey, usually more than 300php for a full meal, and that's just burgers, fries and a drink. I guess Freedom and Liberty come at a high price? ;)

Last Tuesday I discovered that they had Taco Tuesdays! Buy a taco and get a regular sized Libertea for free! Their iced tea is one of my favorite ones, so yay, instant 55php savings! :)

How can you resist a banner like that? Hahaha.

They had chicken, steak and beef tacos. I got the steak. 

Army Navy Steak Tacos. Yummers.

At first I had misgivings about the serving size but trust me, it's substantial! And they're really yummy. Our food wasn't served with utensils so we had to eat with our hands. I guess we could have asked for forks and knives, but eating with bare hands is fun! ;) Anyway that explains the lack of photos after this one. Hehehe.

Mission Accomplished? You bet. ;) For this visit anyway. My friend and I had an awful experience on our next visit. Nasty employee, but that's another story, and it's not mine to tell. I'd still go back this Tuesday to have another taco. Har. Unpleasant people generally don't stop me from getting my happy food. :D


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  2. I love their cheese quesadillas! :)


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