06 February 2012

Weeks Before the Boards, Mostly in Food Photos

With the medical boards so very very near, last week I decided to pick up my lazy ass and haul myself and my medical reviewers to Manila for some serious studying. There were times I wished I could do a Sheldon-Cooper-Flash-moment -- go to the Grand Canyons, scream my head off, and go back as zen as the Dalai Lama -- because putting on a show of calm and serenity when I'm really a bunch of nerves inside was driving me over the edge, but I'm better now hahaha. Thank you I Wrote This For You for averting a near-psychotic-break. ;)

Anyway, let's move on to happier things, i.e., what I ate last week. Haha.

Monday Snack

Potato Corner's Wasabi Fries
Yes it's a hideous shade of green, that's really how it looks like.

Tuesday Dinner

Army Navy Steak Tacos
Because it's Taco Tuesday!!!

Wednesday Brunch

Beef Brisket Sandwich + Full Leaf Brewed English Breakfast
I actually liked this sandwich :D

Wednesday Post-Dinner

CBTL's Iced Chai Tea Latte
I still think Seattle's Best has the best chai. ;)

Friday Brunch

Turkey and Chicken Ham with Egg White and Emmenthal Cheese
That's not even the full name, that's just what I remember.

Friday Dinner

I went back to Mercato for the first time this year! 
My last was during Ultimate Taste Test 7.0 and it feels like eons ago. 

Eating on the sidewalk. Because all the chairs were
taken. Even the sidewalk was full! Grabe lang.

Wagyu Paella + Cheesestick Dynamite + My Thighs. Lol.

Day-old chick.
First time to eat these. Haha. Not bad, but not really my thing either.
I don't even eat balut because I can see the form of the chick.

For dessert! HAHAHA.

Papa Roti's Phrata with Condensed Milk
Huge serving of roti, I hope it came with a larger serving of milk. :D
The only photo with my face in it was lomo-fied to give my face a bit of color, people have been telling me I look sick. I am not. Haha I just don't have my time out in the sun, and I don't feel like putting on makeup most of the time, because prettifying for a book feels a bit sad hahaha. :P

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