02 March 2012

Pan Seared Fish Wrapped in Bacon at Faustina's

After the results of the medical boards came out last night, our family had a small celebratory dinner at Faustina's, a cozy but really nice restaurant just outside the UPLB campus.

I was thinking of getting their Silindro Ribs again, or maybe a lamb steak, but I wasn't in the mood for a big hunk of meat so I chose their Pan Seared Fish Wrapped in Bacon. It was served with ranch dip,  rice and a small side of salad.

Before I say  anything about how the food was, can we just agree first that this salad looks very pretty? :]

And yes, the leaves were fresh and crisp, the tomatoes (all two slices of them haha) were succulent and the french dressing (mustard based) was delicious.

The pan-seared fish was nicely done, and it was WRAPPED WITH BACON how can anyone not like it? My only complaint was that it was too small. Look at that photo above it looks like a pair of banana fritters.

More food:

Faustina's Spaghetti with Meatbombs
For my brother who also defended his thesis yesterday and is graduating this April!
Lots of things to celebrate this summer!

Faustina's Pepperoni Pizza 

Dad ordered grilled fish with some kind of pesto sauce but he doesn't really get taking pictures of food before digging in hehehe. Which is the opposite of my mom who's like "o, take a picture already so we can start eating it!" As for me, I'm the kind of person who attacks the food immediately and then remembers, "oh shoot, i forgot to take a peekchur!"

Our orders (which included a round of ripe mango shakes for everyone) came to a little over a thousand bucks which surprised me because we spend more than that in Jollibee! Granted, we all love Jollibee and tend to go overboard ordering... hmmm Jolly Spaghetti, hmmm 2pc Chicken Joy... and ooh peach mango pie! Damn it. Now I want some Jollibee!

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  1. I have "trained" my parents to do/say this - "o, take a picture already so we can start eating it!" because, like you, I'm all - "oh shoot, i forgot to take a peekchur!"

    And yes, that is one purty salad :D


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