01 March 2012

You know how they say that waiting is the hardest part?

I know I don't really have much right to complain because people who take other certification exams sometimes have to wait for months before they get their results, and I just finished mine last Monday. Hehe. But patience is not one of my virtues, and they did tell us to wait for the results yesterday, and all that suspense turned out to be for nothing!

I just want to know already. The twelve exams we had weren't easy, and considering that it's a flunk one, flunk all affair, and that anatomy has always been hard for me, I can't help but feel a bit scared. Add to that the pressure of people around me saying they're sure I'll pass, or expecting me to be in the top 10 (to which I say BWAHAHA). I know they mean well, and I also know that I'm supposed to look at expectations as a privilege, but right now they just really make me even more terrified of failing.


Anyway, I was watching All About Steve (Sandra Bullock + Bradley Cooper) earlier this morning, and although it made me cringe a lot and ask "Sandra Bullock whyyyyyy?" way too many times, I did get a lot of really nice quotes about crosswords. (And if you don't know yet, crosswords are my third love, after chocolates + matcha + mint, and books.) 

My favorites:

If you quit a puzzle, you can’t finish it. Sure, every once in a while, you run into a doozy, that you don’t think you could ever solve in a million years, but if you stick with it, you figure it out eventually. Worst thing you can do is leave it unfinished. It’s never the solution, is it?

You know what I like about crosswords? It's realizing you knew something you never thought you knew.

and this

In life, as in crosswords, some days are harder than others, and that’s what keeps your brain alive. The key to surviving those tough days is to pick yourself up and stay focused on your life’s purpose.


If this day is just another day of waiting, then it's another one of those more difficult days. Which means! I have to focus on my life's purpose, which is... um, well... for now, reading as many books as I can in this lifetime. HAHAHA.


  1. I find that reading is the best way to calm myself down when I'm anxiously waiting for something, too.

    I don't want to say the usual stuff for this situation, so I'm just gonna say - "Pass or fail, ikain natin yan!" :D

    1. Thanks! :) Catch Me If You Can was my number 1 distraction ;)


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